Do Good. Be Great. Make it Beautiful.

Are you a Flower Bomber? Do Good. Be Great. Make it Beautiful. 


What is a Flower Bomber?

A Flower Bomber is an individual or organization who follows three simple, but powerful tenets: Do Good. Be Great. Make it Beautiful. 

The objective of the Flower Bomber fundraiser is to mobilize people in our community to recognize, support, and participate in the charity work being carried out that acts as a safety net to community members who may otherwise fall through the cracks left behind by other government services. Private, non-profits in our area are many and they work tirelessly fundraising so that they may continue to do the job not many others are able or desire to do. A Flower Bomber knows there is work to be done and so, does something.


Did you know there is an organization called End 68 Hours of Hunger that provides a backpack of weekend meals to school children in YOUR community because there is an actual need for that? There are children whose last meal is a government-subsidized school lunch on Friday afternoon and they will not eat again until Monday. In fact, in NH, there are over 1300 children receiving these backpacks every week. How is this even possible? You may think to yourself, well, not in MY backyard, but sadly, yes. The Wolfeboro, Tuftonboro, Ossipee division of this organization provides 78 backpacks of food each Friday and the Conway division prepares 83. Whoa! That is 161 children, per week, who are given access to basic food items to keep them nourished throughout the weekend. This is just one organization folks. There is work to be done.

Being a Flower Bomber requires you to open your eyes to the social landscape around you and then, act. If not you, who? It doesn't have to require joining a Board of Directors, or working long hours, or donating large sums of money.  People have busy lives and even with the best intentions, finding the time or extra money is often not feasible. However, maybe you are planning on buying Mother's Day flowers, why not buy from one of our local, allied businesses and send a bouquet. Flower Bomb Mom! You'd be buying flowers anyway and part of the proceeds will go to the charity of your choice. Win. Win. See our online store for more local deals.


Why be great? What is greatness, anyway?

Life is often a tangle of obligation and duty that leads to busyness and distraction from our goals, dreams and the things that really matter when all is said and done. Who has time for greatness when you're just trying to get through another day - Rushing here and there, picking up kids, grocery shopping, paying bills - it's exhausting!

Do not confuse enormity with greatness. Greatness may be small - a change in attitude and intention. Maybe you open a door for a stranger and smile or volunteer a couple of hours at the local animal shelter. Greatness is acting with compassion, first towards your self and then others. Let this compassion drive your focus and consider your life's purpose and ask your self, "What can I do today?"

Being a Flower Bomber is joining a community of like-minded people, such as your self - compassionate, focused, and ready for action. A vehicle for greatness awaits you. Look around this site and if this message inspires or speaks to you, we hope your next step will be to join us. Maybe you share a link on social media, purchase flower bulbs to plant in your home garden, or shop from one of our allied vendors. Small acts add up to movement. Be in touch to let us know how you'd like to help. Check our blog often to learn more about the wonderful organizations in the community doing great things. 


Imagine next spring, thousands of gorgeous daffodils and tulips poking through the winter-worn Earth to explode in a riot of brilliant color somewhere in your community. The core of the Flower Bomb movement is creating beauty in public spaces for any passerby to admire and enjoy as a passive participant in the good work happening behind-the-scenes. These public displays will serve as a reoccurring, positive reminder of what we can accomplish when we put our hearts and minds in the right place. These visual beacons have a purpose to inspire the next Flower Bomber to take action in their own small way. It's the idea of paying it forward for the greater good. 

The Spring 2015 Fundraiser is a Bulb Drive. We are gathering allies to sell fall bulbs and raise money by using their existing networks and volunteers. Organizing a fundraiser requires a lot of legwork and logistics, so by banding together and centralizing these time-consuming efforts, we create both an economy of scale and a more far-reaching public presence. Great care has been taken to choose a top-quality bulb vendor who offers both a guarantee and an incredible variety of more rare and interesting flowers even serious gardeners can get excited about adding to their collection. Shop online here.

We are grateful to our corporate sponsors and the local businesses who are doing their part to ensure the success of our public Flower Bombing efforts. In early October 2015, when the fall bulbs arrive, there will be a public planting event in each community we serve. We will be calling on volunteers to get their hands dirty and plant symbols of greatness in the ground. If you would like to get involved or volunteer or donate, please contact us. 


This year, the Lions NH Sight and Hearing Foundation has been chosen as the primary beneficiary of the Spring 2015 Fundraiser. However, our allied organizations also receive a direct benefit by selling to their own networks. A percentage of each sale is earmarked by the buyer to donate funds to the charity of their choice. The Flower Bomb blog will also be spotlighting the work of these organizations by providing editorials, direct web links, and donation opportunities.

The NH Sight and Hearing Foundation is a New Hampshire, state-wide non-profit that provides funding to local Lions Clubs. Individual clubs are responsible for screening applicants and approving candidates for financial assistance. The Lions Club primary objective is to assist those in their community without means to acquire life-changing vision and hearing services. They also fund raise to purchase expensive screening equipment used in their school outreach programs, as well as provide financial assistance for other worthy causes. Screening individuals for potentially debilitating health conditions. providing funds for necessary surgical procedures, corrective lenses or hearing aids is a valuable service and reconnects many isolated community members with their world.

Finally, there is a public benefit that anyone can enjoy. The planned fall Flower Bomb is a community event that creates displays of beauty while bringing an awareness to the work going on in the area that often goes unnoticed. Please check back often to see our events

*A portion of all purchases are tax deductible and direct donations are tax deductible, but we aren't tax people so please consult your financial advisor.