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Are you a Flower Bomber? Do Good. Be Great. Make it Beautiful. 


Flower Bomb From Home - Our Webstore is LIVE!

Did you have a long day? Tired? Are you tying up loose ends and putting the house to bed to be ready for tomorrow? We get it. You can still be a Flower Bomber, but now you can do it in your jammies while sipping a cup of hot tea. Our online store is up and running. Check out our fantastic collection of Tulips, Daffodils, and Crocus (and more!) - we think you'll dig what you see. We've focused on more unique offerings, as well as some good, old stand-bys. 

Order your fall bulbs now and we'll be in touch to figure out where you'd like to pick them up.  Don't forget, if you aren't the gardening type and flowers aren't your thing, you can still donate and participate in the good stuff going on around us. Visit out donate page instead of shopping and we will be forever grateful.

Thanks so much!

Check out the goods.